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Hyoid Apparatus

With recent interest in the hyoid apparatus, I would like to share what I have learned in my research and numerous dissections in relationship to the hyoid apparatus and bitting. The hyoid apparatus suspends the tongue and the larynx in the floor of the throat. This includes a collection of five bones. The two long …

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A horse “collected” too much.

Preview in new tab The below question was asked in response to the Curb Strap Explanation post. QUESTION: I have a mare that has been ‘collected’ too much. I am teaching her how to extend her poll and only get after her when she attempts to collect too much. She is softening some but she …

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New Mouthpiece: MPC-26

The beaded mouthpiece in the cage gives more width which distributes contact over a larger area of the lips and bars. The beads in cage has an oval profile so that as it rotates in the mouth it does not give an abrupt change. The center piece is the cricket which encourages the tongue to stay active which helps keep the jaw soft, and the mouth moist. Saliva helps neutralize acid in the stomach.