Hyoid Apparatus

With recent interest in the hyoid apparatus, I would like to share what I have learned in my research and numerous dissections in relationship to the hyoid apparatus and bitting. The hyoid apparatus suspends the tongue and the larynx in the floor of the throat. This includes a collection of five bones. The two long […]

The difference between a CRICKET and a ROLLER

The cricket is made of steel and has an uneven center hole that is mounted on a square center bar. This creates a cricket sound when the horse rolls it with his tongue. The more motion the horse has with his tongue the more relaxed the lower jaw is. The relaxation of the lower jaw […]

Curb Strap Explanation

Please be sure to read this entire post, as there is important information at the end. 1. WRAPPED CORD WITH QUICK LINK This curb was designed to help keep the bit balanced on the horse’s head. It is used on the bits with higher purchase and medium to long gag action. The wrap stiffens the […]