A Little Story About Bit Adjustment

Sally emailed Elliott Bit ‘N Spur looking for the just right bit for her horse Speedy. After lots of talk and deliberation, Dave and Sally settled on what might be perfect for Speedy, the Spur Up Combo #2. So off in the mail went the just right bit to Sally and Speedy.

Upon receiving the bit, Sally wrote us because it turned out, the just right bit was not right at all.

“I received the bit and its beautiful… it’s a bit too severe for him. He threw his head when I tried to school him. I was hoping it would be a bit more bit, but it’s a bit too much!”

Well you see, this happens all the time at Elliott Bit ‘N Spur: BUT DAVE, now it’s too much/not enough bit?!?!

Dave’s recommendation when the just right bit seems not so right at all:

“Make sure that the curb is not too tight. Because of the purchase height of the bit, the curb does move quite a bit. Loosen the curb, so that the shank can rotate at least 1 to 2 inches, before the curb makes contact with the lower jaw. Give that a try then let me know if that helps.”

One week later, Sally is on cloud nine!

“I had 5 barrel runs over the weekend and best runs ever. Love love love the bit. I made some adjustments like you mentioned and it worked great!”

Turns out the not just right bit could be adjusted to be just right after all.

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