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From Fort McLeod, Alberta, Dave Elliott is a master bit an spur maker who creates custom-designed hand-made spurs, bits, buckles, saddle silver, jewellry, unique gifts and more.


Three talented barrel horse trainers carry bits created by Dave Elliott: Sue Smith, Judy Myllymaki, Dee Butterfield and Oscar Walter.


Dave specializes as well, in individual and custom-fitted pieces – for example – wider mouthpieces for equines with damaged mouths. Dave is featured on the Anatomy of Bitting DVD and has become a student of equine anatomy.


Dave Elliott grew up around horses on the family ranch in Saskatchewan. Back in the 1970’s, he attended the Oklahoma Farriers’ School and up until 1993, worked as a full-time farrier. He has also participated in driving, dressage, reining and jumping and has worked closely with professionals in designing better bits fo reining, roping and barrel racing.


Dave offers workshops across Canada that are fun and useful, based on the anatomy of the horse’s mouth, skull and neck.


“After building bits for a number of years,” says Dave, “I realized the need to better understand all the principles of bitting, which include the anatomy of the horse, training techniques and bit mechanics. I am furthering my education in anatomy, which relates to the design of horse bits. With added knowledge, I can help educate customers to better understand how and why bits function.”

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