Bit Mechanics: SU-10, with MPC-21

QUESTION: My horse is a 12 year old mare and feels dull in her mouth, and sometimes I can be heavy with my hands. Could you please explain the mechanics of this bit and how it should help my horse? [Spur Up-10, with MPC-21] DAVE’S ANSWER: The Spur Up-10 has a one to one ratio […]

Updated Design: SU-01 and SU-02 Cheeks

The changes you may feel in the new design will be very subtle. Our goal for this bit is to fit in more horses and rider’s hands, with a positive outcome. In the new design I added more forward slip where the mouthpiece slides in front of the shank. With the added forward slip, this […]

A Little Story About Bit Adjustment

Sally emailed Elliott Bit ‘N Spur looking for the just right bit for her horse Speedy. After lots of talk and deliberation, Dave and Sally settled on what might be perfect for Speedy, the Spur Up Combo #2. So off in the mail went the just right bit to Sally and Speedy. Upon receiving the […]