Updated Design: SU-01 and SU-02 Cheeks

The changes you may feel in the new design will be very subtle. Our goal for this bit is to fit in more horses and rider’s hands, with a positive outcome.

In the new design I added more forward slip where the mouthpiece slides in front of the shank. With the added forward slip, this will give the bit a little more yellow light, so it will delay your hands just a touch more than the original.

Also we added a larger diameter bar for the to slide on, this added weight will help with the release of the shank.

We also added the separate curb loop to separate the curb strap form the headstall ring. This just makes it easier to adjust the curb and it lays on the side of the horse’s face flatter.

Pictured here, from left to right: SU-01 Original, SU-01 Updated, SU-02 Original, SU-02 Updated

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